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Yazar Consultancy offers high quality translation between English and Turkish.

Batuhan Yazar is a specialists in Turkish to English and English to Turkish translations, transcreations and copy-writing. Services I offer include legal and business translations, marketing and advertising copy-writing and transcreations, localisation services, marketing and cultural consultancy services.

Translation Services

We offer six types of translations. Our regular translation has 4 types depending on translation speed. Alongside our regular translation service we also offer technical translation and audio-visual translation services:

Super-Economic Service


✓ £0.05 / $0.08 / €0.06 per word

✓ Translation up to 300 words per day

✓ Ideal for low-budget projects with flexible deadlines.

✓ 100 words £5 Please let us know if you want to order over 5000 words.
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Our Regular Translation Service

High Quality Service

✓£0.08 / $0.12 / €0.10 per word

✓ Translation of 750 words per day.

✓ Completion date calculated on 750 words per day basis.

✓ Ideal for those who require a high quality translation.

Premium Service

Premium Service

✓£0.10 / $0.15 / €0.13 per word

✓ Translation of 1500 words per day.

✓ Guaranteed completion date calculated on 1500 words per day basis.

✓ Ideal for those who want a high quality service within limited time.

Our Priority Translation Service

Priority Service

✓£0.20 / $0.30 / €0.25 per word

✓ Translation of 2000 words per day.

✓ Your translation is put on the top of our translation queue.

✓ For projects under 2000 words, guaranteed delivery between 12-24 hours.

✓ Guaranteed completion date calculated on 2000 words per day basis.

✓ Ideal for those who require an urgently prioritised, fast and high quality translation service.

Technical Translation Service

Technical Translation

✓ Only highly technical and complicated texts are classified as technical translation.

✓ You can send your document to us to learn whether it would be classified as a technical translation.

✓ £0.15 / $0.23 / €0.19 per word

✓ Translation of 500-1000 words per day.

✓ Legal Translation, Business and Corporate Translation,

✓ Academic Translation, Military and History Translation,

✓ Media/PR Translation, Medical Translation, Engineering Translation

✓ Ottoman, Old-Turkish and Turkic Language Translation

Audio-Visual Translation Services

Subtitling & Transcription

✓ Transcription £3 / $4.5 / €3.75 per minute

✓ Subtitling (Same Language) £4 / $6 / €5 per minute

✓ Subtitling (Translation) £5 / $7.5 / €6.25 per minute

✓ Online Interpretation £1 / $1.5 / €1.25 per minute

✓ Face to Face Interpretation £1.5 / $2.25 / €1.88 per minute (Not including travel expenses)

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Trans-creation and Marketing Services

✓ We offer trans-creation services in English and Turkish for businesses targeting the international market, British market and/or the Turkish market.

✓ We also offer advice and support start-ups in preparing their own marketing plans and materials.

If you need help with reaching customers in Turkey or Britain, we can support you by preparing marketing materials that can reach out to the local customers in Turkey and the UK with their respective local languages and understandings.

We help you in accessing the National and International Markets by reaching your local customers in the most natural way.

Please inquire us for more information and rates of our marketing services.

Transcription and Editorial Services

✓ We offer transcription and typing services for dictations, sound recordings or videos in English and Turkish.

✓ We also offer writing, copy-writing and proof reading services in English and Turkish.

Please inquire us for more information and rates for our services.

It is also possible to make arrangements for other languages.

Batuhan Yazar


I work very carefully and diligently and utilise my local insight to deliver the highest quality localisations. I am very accessible and I give utmost importance to communications so that we can make everything clear and the work delivered satisfies you to the highest level. I have been the linguist test evaluator for a number of companies including adidas, UNILEVER (across all brands in Turkey), Starbucks and Turkish Airlines. I also provide QA and cultural consultancy services for these companies.

My specialism is in legal translation, marketing and advertisement copywriting & translations, game copywriting & translations and financial translations.

Briefly about me, I am a law graduate Turkish to English and English to Turkish translator and interpretor. I am experienced in advertisements & marketing translations, legal translations and corporate translations between English and Turkish.

My expertise in translations roots both from my studies and my experience in marketing and localisation projects.

I studied International Relations and Entrepreneurship at undergraduate level for 4 years in Turkey, in the TOBB Economy and Technology University, and then I studied Law for 3 years in the UK, in the University of Warwick. I have also completed my diplomatic translations classes with the highest mark during my studies.

Afterwards, I had a wide range of translation experiences working for various government organisations, NGOs and private companies in Turkey and Belgium. As a result, I have a very extensive grasp of both languages.

In the last 5 years, I have worked together with several advertisement agencies both as a project manager and copywriter/translator. So I know both sides of the business.

My clients include KLM Airlines, Turkish Airlines, UNILEVER, adidas, Starbucks, Dynaudio, ChromeRiver, AVG Anti-virus …

With the analytical skills I gained through the law school and my long term translation experiences, I do not only offer you a very diligent and high quality translation, but I also help you in navigating the finer shades of Turkish and British cultures.

Thereby you are assured to receive accurate and top quality translations, interpretation and localisation services.


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