Batuhan Yazar


I am a law graduate Turkish to English and English to Turkish translator and interpretor. I am experienced in general, legal and business translations between English and Turkish.

My expertise in translations roots both from my studies and my work experience over the last five years.

I studied International Relations and Entrepreneurship at undergraduate level for 4 years in Turkey, in the TOBB Economy and Technology University, and then I studied Law for 3 years in the UK, in the University of Warwick. I have also completed my diplomatic translations classes with the highest mark during my studies.

Afterwards, I had a wide range of translation experiences working for various government organisations, NGOs and private companies in Turkey and Belgium. As a result, I have a very extensive grasp of both languages.

With the analytical skills I gained through the law school and my long term translation experiences, I do not only offer you a very detailed and high quality human translation, but I also help you in navigating the finer shades of meaning and semantics of English and Turkish.

Thereby you are assured to receive accurate and top quality translations, interpretation and localisation services.