Batuhan Yazar


I work very carefully and diligently and utilise my local insight to deliver the highest quality localisations. I am very accessible and I give utmost importance to communications so that we can make everything clear and the work delivered satisfies you to the highest level. I have been the linguist test evaluator for a number of companies including adidas, UNILEVER (across all brands in Turkey), Starbucks and Turkish Airlines. I also provide QA and cultural consultancy services for these companies.

My specialism is in legal translation, marketing and advertisement copywriting & translations, game copywriting & translations and financial translations.

Briefly about me, I am a law graduate Turkish to English and English to Turkish translator and interpretor. I am experienced in advertisements & marketing translations, legal translations and corporate translations between English and Turkish.

My expertise in translations roots both from my studies and my experience in marketing and localisation projects.

I studied International Relations and Entrepreneurship at undergraduate level for 4 years in Turkey, in the TOBB Economy and Technology University, and then I studied Law for 3 years in the UK, in the University of Warwick. I have also completed my diplomatic translations classes with the highest mark during my studies.

Afterwards, I had a wide range of translation experiences working for various government organisations, NGOs and private companies in Turkey and Belgium. As a result, I have a very extensive grasp of both languages.

In the last 5 years, I have worked together with several advertisement agencies both as a project manager and copywriter/translator. So I know both sides of the business.

My clients include KLM Airlines, Turkish Airlines, UNILEVER, adidas, Starbucks, Dynaudio, ChromeRiver, AVG Anti-virus …

With the analytical skills I gained through the law school and my long term translation experiences, I do not only offer you a very diligent and high quality translation, but I also help you in navigating the finer shades of Turkish and British cultures.

Thereby you are assured to receive accurate and top quality translations, interpretation and localisation services.